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New Addition to the Roster – SIREN

Siren city copyBig announcement today…a new addition to the KC Management roster – SIREN (the musical collaboration of Dennis Kane & Darshan Jesrani). Their music really has us inspired in the stories they tell with crafting their songs. This craft is what has drawn Compost Records to their music, with an upcoming EP due out at the end of May.
As DJs, SIREN have developed their following with a melodic and eclectic-but-unified style of playing. The musicianship found in their mixes is a perfect fit with the KC Management roster and the artists we work with that, through their storied history in music, define a sound for others to follow.
You can take a musical journey with them today  (March 15th) on their monthly radio show on The Lot Radio today 2-4pm est (1-3pm cst, 12pm-2pm mst, 11am-1pm pst)

TimeOutNYC’s Best House Music DJs of All Time

This week TimeOut New York offered up a list of the top house DJs of all time...including Tony Humphries at #3 & the Wicked Crew at #7. We have known this for many years, but it is good to see others recognize their talents.

With any list there is much controversy, and we don’t envy those that had to select only ten for this, but overall- it is an excellent list, including one female DJ we hear nothing but good things about – DJ Minx.

The best house music DJs of all time

Super Moon Mix From Jenö

This past weekend, we had a rare super moon.  As many know, our own Jenö (aka Jeno Void) does his monthly LIVE Full Moon podcasts -NoiseFromTheVoid.  This is a real treat to enjoy, now that I am not in the Bay Area able to hear him regularly.  I can still enjoy him in his element of the lunar glow, monthly. This past weekend was CLASSIC Jenö :Follow Jenö on  to get email updates when he is live on the air.


wickedFor the first time–Wicked is going to offer T-Shirts and Hoodies from this year’s 23rd annual Wicked online @

from Jenö
To all the heads –

We are excited to announce we’re now taking pre-orders for more Wicked 23 T-shirts and hoodies.

The pre-order process will be available for the next 2 weeks, from now until Aug 22nd. Once the cut-off date passes, we don’t anticipate accepting any more orders, so don’t miss your chance to get your hands on these very limited edition items.

Once all pre-orders are in, I’d anticipate a further 2-3 weeks to get them delivered to you. We know you’re keen to get your hands on them, but please be patient.

Wicked store –

There’s also an option on the front page of the site to sign up for our email list, which will allow us to keep you directly in the know re future Wicked events, projects and merchandising.

Front page –

You can also “like” the new Wicked page on Facebook here –

Wicked love…

you can also follow Wicked on twitter:

Tony Humphries Live @ DEEP LA

Earlier this month, we booked Tony Humphries for a West Coast swing tour and he joined Marques Wyatt in LA @ DEEP. Marques was good enough to share the night’s magic on DEEP’s Soundcloud- have a listen!

another happy return…A GUY CALLED GERALD!

As many may know, we used to work with A Guy Called Gerald, when we had our offices in NYC. We are excited to welcome him back to the roster as our one and only live PA. Gerald is one of the grand innovators of all time when it comes to electronic music–his live sets are always singular and original, unlike many live PAs out there. He does both analog and digital, but due to the nature of transporting equipment across borders, we will be booking, primarily for digital performances.


For those in the UK, A Guy Called Gerald will be performing next month at James Lavelle’s Meltdown festival.
Here’s a little taste of what’s to come…..